Smithfield Methodist ChurchAs Trinity has grown in numbers, programs, services and ministries, the diversity of needs of our congregation has also grown. Taking care of each other and our neighbors is a primary focus of this congregation. Trinity individuals, Sunday School classes, and other groups also respond to individual needs and situations with caring and compassion.

The mission of our ministries is to tend to our flock. We reach out to our members in special ways and respond to their needs.

When we celebrate great events in our lives, or the life of the congregation, that is nurture. When we deepen our faith through Bible study, classes, various spiritual growth activities, or fellowship that is nurture. When we walk beside those in pain or sorrow that is nurture.

In this part of our web site you will find information about a number of the programs which occur at Trinity United Methodist Church in the various education areas, and in care for the congregation.

Our growing program of ministries includes:

Home Ministries
The Home Ministries Team provides connection to those who are not always able to leave home to attend various church functions with monthly contacts including visits, periodic small gifts and cards. DVDs of church services may be provided.
Community Resource Connection

The Community Resource Connection Team provides a service for elderly people who need assistance with identifying and locating community services, resources and programs in various areas pertaining to running and maintaining the household. May include assistance with navigating insurance, completing forms and interpreting various correspondence and instructions.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Team performs household tasks to meet or resolve immediate maintenance needs for congregants who otherwise have no resource available to them at the time of need. This ministry seeks to help those in greatest need such as the homebound, those temporarily or permanently disabled, individuals recovering from surgery or illness, and those whose spouses are on military deployment. Volunteers may also provide transportation to medical appointments.

Care for the Caregiver

Care for the Caregiver are volunteers from the Susannah Wesley Circle who provide support for the family caregiver through periodic visits, calls, cards, food and small gifts. Patty Chaney is the team leader.

The Bereavement team provides a meal during period of bereavement, arranges reception if requested, and gives other appropriate forms of assistance in support of the family.
Parish Nurse and Team

The Parish Nurse and Team provide various health related programs including blood pressure screenings, first aid and other training, educational programs, consultations with church members regarding various health issues and support during times of illness.

Our Care Connection ministries support the needs of our congregation by providing services and connecting our members to each other, to the church and to the community.

Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry Team provides and delivers periodic meals to the homebound, caregivers, and those who may otherwise be in need. Along with good food, this ministry also encourages visits with those served to provide connection to their church family.

Military Connection

The Military Connection Team periodically sends packages to military members away from home. Sends cards and other forms of connection and encouragement. Assists with special Military recognition in appropriate church services.

College Collection

The College Collection Team periodically sends packages to college students, along with cards, gifts, words of encouragement, and reminders of home.

We Care Card Ministry

The We Care Card Ministry sends birthday cards, cards to those who are ill or have suffered a death in the family, and cards of encouragement at other appropriate times.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This team knits, crochets and pieces prayer blankets, shawls and cloths, all stitched in prayer, and all blessed during a church service. They are given to the bereaved, those who are ill and those facing surgery.

These works of love are also sent to Dover Air Force Base and given to the families of service members killed in the line of duty. Dottie Stevens and this ministry team have made and given over 1500 items since 2007 that have brought so much comfort and hope to so many people. After receiving one of our shawls, a mother from Florida, who lost her son in Kandahar, Afghanistan on April 6th, 2013 asked in her son’s obituary that memorials be made to Trinity United Methodist Church. Thanks be to God.

“I wrap myself in my prayer shawl when I need an extra hug from God, thank you very much.”